Agricakft is a globally accredited manufacturing and trading company with offices and operations in a number of countries of Central Africa, Europe, North America, South Asia, etc. In a short period, the company has expanded its business network across different continents.

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Warm welcome from AGRICA KFT. We are the best in the manufacturing, processing , Import and export of Agricultural and Consumer products in Europe. We also supply some Non-Agricultural Commodities throughout Europe and the rest of the word.Our Company was founded and registered in Hungary (EU), in 1990 with its Headquarters in Budapest. We have our farms, warehouses, factories, production and processing units in some European countries with branches in Germany, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Latvia and Cyprus. Our experienced staff and extensive partner/agent network make us very efficient and gives us the ability to operate smoothly from all these areas.Our main objectives are to satisfy our customers, supply them with the best quality products at the best wholesale prices and to build a good and steady future business relationship with them.Contact us at any time, for more details as regards our products.

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