Chicken Feed


 Layer chicken feed 35%

Raw materials:

Corn, fish meal, rapeseed meal, soybean meal, cotton pulp, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium carbonate (powder), amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, sodium chloride.

Function :

1.Keep respiratory tract, enteron, genital tract mucous membrane of epithelial cells or the structure of the complete and perfect.

2.Promote the growth and development of chicks, and strengthening agent of environmental adaptability and resistance

3.Improve the egg production of chicken and egg hatchability, rich in vitamins, yellow corn


Packing: 40KG/BAG, 20MT/20:FCL

Shelf life:one years

Delivery time: 40 tons of 1-2 days delivery, 100 tons of 3 days of delivery.


crude protein ≥40% Sodium chloride 0.3-0.8%
crude fiber 6% moisture 14%
crude ash 8% methionine 0.46%
crude fat ≥2.5% lysine 1.0%
Ca 0.8-1.3% P 0.6%

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