Salmon Fish


Farmed Atlantic Salmon
Origins: Norway, Scotland (Organic), Australia, Canada (BAP), Chile

We supply both fresh and frozen salmon with various sizes and cuts available. We also market a wide range of value-added salmon products such as smoked salmon fillet, heads and racks.

From Norway: With an efficient processing and transportation network, fresh whole Norwegian salmon can reach our markets 2-3 days after dispatch. It is also regulated by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA), which promotes healthy fish growth, food safety at every process stage, and 100% sustainable.

From Scotland: organic salmon also available. They are farmed to perfection at extremely low densities, thus eliminating the need for antibiotics in the fish diets. The fish are fed organic proteins and oils. They are fully traceable and are harvested twice a week at the size of 2-8kg.

From Canada: Free of growth hormones and produced in a safe, environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner. The farm is fully BAP certified for its traceability and sustainability.

From Tasmania: With its close proximity to Asia, Tasmanian salmon can reach our markets in 1-2 days, providing the freshest salmon in the market.

From Chile: Chilean farmed salmon are known for their delicious taste and versatile cooking methods.


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