used tyres for sale

used tyres for sale

used tyres for sale, Fairly  Used Tires / Tyres For Wholesale.

For now, We have exported our products to more than 140 counties and regions, such as Europe,America,South East Asia,Middle East etc.

Availability of used tyres for sale


We can supply various kinds of car used tires (PCR tires), truck and bus tires (TBR and TBB), agricultural tire (AGR tires), bias and all steel radial, off road truck tire, tractor tires, Industrial tires (ID tires) SUV UHP Tires. Light car and truck tires (LT tires) snow and mud tires.

Our company has large selections of Used Tires to offer you. We export internationally and locally.

Our goal is to provide high quality Used Tires for:
• Used tires for Commercial Cars
• Used tires for Light Truck & SUV cars
• Used tires for Minivan cars
• Used tires for Smaller Cars

Approximately 70% to 80% tread wear remaining.

Type:All Seasons, Tubeless Type and Radial tire Design.
Brands:Hankook, Kumho, Nexen, Road stone, Dunlop, Toyo, Yokohama, Michelin and many more.

Loading:550 tires-880 tires into 20ft container and 1500 tires-2500 tires into 40ft container depend on your selected tires sizes.


All our used tyres for sale  are sold with a full pro rata 1 year guarantee.The basic guarantee works like this, if you have a problem with one of our tyres we will after inspection, either replace the tyre at no charge or replace the tyre and charge you for the tread that you have used or replace the problem tyre with a tyre of similar tread.

MIAN SIZES used tyres near me :

165/70R13,175/65R14,185/60R14,185/65R14,185/70R14,195/60R14,195/70R14,185/65R15,195/60R15,195/65R15, 205/60R15,205/65R15,205/55R16,205/60R16,215/60R16,225/50R16,225/60R16
UHP:195/50R15 195/55R15 205/50R16 205/55R16 215/55R16 225/55R 16 225/50R16 205/50R17 205/45R17 205/40R17 215/45R17 215/40R17
215/55R17 225/55R17 225/45R17 235/55R17 235/45R17 245/45R17 215/35R18 225/40R18 235/40R18 245/45R18 245/40R18 255/45R18
21725/35R19 235/35R19 245/35R19 225/35R20 275/45R20 285/50R20
SUV :265/70R15 215/60R16 215/65R16 235/60R16 235/70R16 245/70R16 255/65R16 255/70R16 265/70R16 275/70R16 215/60R17 225/60R17
225/65R17 225/70R17 235/65R17 235/70R17 245/65R17 255/65R17 255/70R17 256/65R


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