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Wood Pellets Wholesale Tree. Pine, Spruce, Fir, Beech, and Oak trees Available Quantity: 50,000 mt/monthly

Diameter. 6 to 8mm Diameter. 6 to 8mm
Length. 10 – 40 mm
Density 650 kg/m3
Ash content. 0,4 %

Grade A Din+ Wood Pellets / Din Plus Wood Pellet/ Biomass Wood Pellets Wholesale

bulk wood pellets wholesale for sale near me Features:

1.     Good quality with high density

2.     Different Natural raw materials

3.     Less moisture,  easily stored

4.     Environment Friendly and energy saving

 5.     Supply ability: 80000-100000ton/months

wood pellets by the truckload price  as follow:

Name Wood Pellets
Type energy Wood pellets
Timber Chestnut, Paulownia, poplar, pine, birch, etc
Shape Stick
Diameter 8mm
Length ≤32mm
density: 0.9-1.4g/m3
heat value 4700Kcal
ash 3%-5%
moisture 2%-3%
Usage Fuel for heating
Packing Plastic bags, jumbo bags, bulk
Bag type 25kg/bag, 40kg/bag. 1t/bag or as customer required


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We do offer after-sales services such as delivery and transportation to the buyer address. We also do OEM, ODM, and logo printing as well as special text for buyers’ products if requested.

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 We are a wholesale trading company that trades in a variety of products in different sectors and we do ensure the quality of our products and offer our clients with the best service ever. Contact us with your valid email so we can send you a full offer and more details.

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